Is beatgrid information in MIXO

dj.jakarl shared this question 3 months ago

Hi, just testing MIXO further... I'm setting everything up in Traktor inc beatgrids and cue points then importing to MIXO (I can't see beatgrids in MIXO in the UI.) On export to Rekordbox, Rekordbox has cue points but lacks any beatgrid info and goes on to analyse and set up different beatgrid information (destroying my previous work on my collection in Traktor).

To transition collections properly, MIXO should be setting this... is this not the case?

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Hey, Great point!

MIXO will allow you to import, edit and export your beat grid information to other software; this is something that will be added in the future:

I can see you're already subscribed to this idea so you will be updated with any progress.

When exporting from MIXO to Rekordbox your tracks will be analysed again so Rekordbox can get the waveform but should keep any beat grid information exported.


Thanks for the prompt response. I hope the future comes soon as this is critical for me managing beatgrids in Traktor and need the same ones over in Rekordbox. Unfortunately at the moment Rekordbox does an analysis and even recalcuates the BPM again destroying what's brought over as there's no beatgrid.

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