Traktor crashes when reading MIXO's iTunes XML file

Arhum Siddiq shared this question 4 months ago

When I point Traktor to MIXO's iTunes XML file, Traktor crashes every time I click on the Music section in the browser tree.

If I point Beatport Pro to the same library as MIXO's & have Beatport Pro export an iTunes XML file for Traktor to point to, then Traktor works again without issues.

Wondering if there's something about MIXO's iTunes XML file that Traktor doesn't like.

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I've managed to replicate this issue so have created an idea as ideally the iTunes file MIXO exports will be the same as the original.

However, you should still be able to export a Traktor NML file from MIXO which will carry over more metadata including cue points which iTunes XML cannot.

Does this not work for you and your workflow?



Only issue is that I still need Traktor pointing to an XML file. Otherwise, Traktor just keeps showing me my Apple Music collection (instead of my DJ collection) in the Music section of the browser tree.

Hoping there isn't something really basic I'm missing in all of this.


We are hoping to have the iTunes XML issue fixed in the next version as we have been able to replicate.

As soon as it's released, you'll be notified in-app and I will update the idea regarding this.


Awesome! Thanks Jon!

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