Im unable to import my Traktor collection

Brittpop shared this question 36 days ago

I have tried several times to import my traktor collection file, but each time it seems to be stuck at the preparing stage.

After reading the forums I reduced the size of the collection file (something I have wanted to do for a long time). My file now has about 4k tracks in it. I have used the check consistency feature to make sure all music in the file has no errors (currently there are non).

Even after attempting this the Mixo import sits at Parse. (I have left it for over 12 hours with the same result.

I am running Traktor 3.4.0 and have also attached a screen shot of the collection folder. I little background on my playlists... I have a mixture of tradition playlists as well as several new smart playlists. I also have several stems and Remix sets in my collection (none of these are in playlists)

I am also attaching the logs, they don't seem to show much, but are very sparse compared to the logs created when I imported Rekordbox (which worked with no issues)

If there is anything else you need me to provide please feel free to reach out

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UPDATE: I duplicated my ~/Documents/Native Instruments/Traktor 3.4.0 folder and started to poke around a little.

I found that if I deleted the 'Smart' playlists that I had set up (I use them alot, have about 15 setup), quit traktor then opened Mixo it will work... It now sees all my standard playlist and I am able to import them... So it seems like this problem has something to do with the presence of smart lists in the collection.

I also tried creating a new collection folder (basically starting from scratch) I added a couple of tracks and then made a smart playlist... I quit traktor, reset Mixo to factory settings and attempted to import the new collection... this collection would sit at parse and never present me with the playlist dialogue..

Its not a scientific test, but I think the problem firmly lies with collections that have Smart playlists...

I hope this is an easy fix... I really like this software and can see myself using it alot if I can get over this hurdle!


Hi Brittpop!

Firstly, thanks for all the detail you've given and for doing some testing of your own, it's really helpful!

We should have this fixed in the next version. We've found it's directly related to this error, I've updated it to include the note about smart playlists:

I've subscribed you to it so when there has been an update you'll be notified.

How are you getting on with the app generally? Any other issues that relate to your workflow?



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