Beat Gridding and Cue Point Preparation like TRAKTOR

michael shared this question 3 months ago

Hi, I migrated von TRAKTOR to ENGINE PRIME, some by DJCU, some by ENGINE Import. The Beat Grid and the Cue Points don´t work like within TRAKTOR regarding the position and the type. If you would be able to provide us with a good preparation workflow within MIXO including the "TICK" (MIDI Clock) for the "perfect" grid, different types of cue points and loop cue points (like within ENGINE, Serator and Rekordbox, I would defintely be YOUR customer...

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Thanks for the feedback!

We are looking at improving the cue points, including loops, and adding a second waveform to make seeking tracks easier:

I've subscribed you to those ideas to keep you updated.

I've also added cue point type to the roadmap as well:

Although exporting this to other software won't always be possible as all the DJ software handles cue points differently.

I don't quite understand what you mean by the MIDI clock in Traktor, could you send a screenshot?

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