Android version stuck with old library

danny.danverse shared this question 14 days ago

I had removed all of my tracks on done a reset on my desktop - afterwards I imported all tracks and uploaded without issue. All are present in dropbox.

I've not been able to use Mixo on my android as it is still showing older tracks when I had a smaller library. I've cleared cache in app, then cleared cache in android management, then cleared data, and uninstalled.

After performing these actions and reinstalling I'm still logged in on my phone when I open the app and the smaller library is present and it will not sync with dropbox to pull the new library.

Is there any other way to reset the phone version?

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Hi Danny,

Sorry you're having this issue.

We have seen this before, so hopefully one of these steps will help, but if not we may need to reset your user on our end.

1. Please check that you have the same version on your phone and on desktop (v0.19.0). On both devices go to Settings > Account and check the dropbox account is the same.

2. Log out of the app on your phone and re-log in.

3. Try importing a small playlist on your computer and check your phone after a couple of minutes to see if it updated.

4. Try disconnecting from your drive on your phone - this should also automatically disconnect your desktop too, if it doesn't, do that as well - then go to your Dropbox folder and delete the MIXO-App folder.

5. Reconnect to dropbox on your computer, reimport some tracks and, once completed, check to see if your phone has updated.

Let me know how you get on.