Does it work in Kenya ?

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My name is Ngaira, I'm from Nairobi Kenya. Does you program work in African states more importantly in Kenya. I have tired to upload 30 songs, its been a month now and still hasn't uploaded.

hope hear from you soon.

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Hi Ngaira!

MIXO should absolutely work in your country, it could be that you need to reset your library and start again.

Could you try the following:

1. Make sure you are on version 0.19.0, you can download it again here.

2. Reset MIXO by going to Settings > Debug > Reset MIXO.

Once MIXO has reloaded, do the same again but Delete Upload Queue.

Finally select the Open AppData folder, close MIXO and delete the MIXO folder from your computer.

You will then need to log in again and sync to your cloud once more.

3. Turn on logs by going to Settings > General > Tools > Enable logs

Reimport your tracks, or a selection of your tracks.

Then go to: Music > MIXO > Logs - and send us the files there.

4. If the above doesn't help, we can try resetting your user on our end.

Let me know how you get on.



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