Mount points during import and analysis

DJ Jonn-ee shared this question 10 months ago

I have been using Serato DJ but I want to try out Mixxx on arch linux. My music library is in an external drive. I have tried to import serato crates but it brings up error `file not found`.

Arch linux mounts external drives defaultly at /run/media/PARTITIONNAME. Could it be possible to change the root path for tracks imported from serato crates?

The attached file shows this.

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Hi there,

Are the Crates on the same drive as your library?

What system are you using Serato on?

I would suggest importing your Crates into MIXO on the same system you are using for Serato and then exporting them from MIXO to Mixxx on Linux rather than trying to import the Crates as the paths have already been saved at that point.

Let me know how you get on.



Yes. The crates are on the same drive as my library. I'll try this later today. Thanks.



How did you get on with this? Did MIXO on Linux have the correct path when exporting?

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