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I'm a new user and am excited about Mixo as a solution to several issues I have with my DJ workflow. One of my wish-list items is for a tool that can filter on the same "My Tags" strings that Rekordbox can write out to the Comments ID3 tag. This would also work well if someone has made their own tagging scheme, outside of Rekordbox. It would be great to get an interface like

from [any column] select tracks with ("jazz" OR "downtempo") AND "female vocal"

Specifically, I'd like to be able to search across any or all of the ID3 tags, for "contains" or "is equal to" various substrings, and maybe the ability to chain those filters with "and" / "or" / "not". SQL query style, or other query styles would be fine. It would just be great to filter on substrings inside ID3 tags, rather than being limited to the value of the whole tag or only a set of specific tags like album/genre/etc.

Also, I'd like to see this on both desktop and mobile. Many music apps only support this powerful type of filtering on desktop. But really, the reason I'd use Mixo is to organize my library on the go and make new playlists using the tags I've created in Rekordbox. If possible, I'd love to use it to edit the comment field (I see I can already do that) and then immediately be able to filter using those modifications.

Is this something that y'all have thought about, or that would be possible? Hoping this is possible in the future, as it's a big part of what I'm hoping to use Mixo for. I've seen a lot of DJs frustrated about this on the internet (reddit, stack exchange, pioneer support forums) so I'm definitely not the only one.

Let me know if you have any questions about this request or the implementation! Thanks for making your product available and the development process so transparent/community-oriented.


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Hi Raina,

This is a fantastic idea and as such I have added it to the roadmap:

I've also subscribed you so you'll receive updates. Please feel free to add anything I've missed as a reply.

"Thanks for making your product available and the development process so transparent/community-oriented."

Absolutely! Our aim is to make MIXO the best possible solution for the community that we can, and the only real way to do that is to have the community involved in the process. Feedback and ideas like this are crucial to that goal, so thank you!




Hi Jon,

Thanks for your quick response! Looking forward to seeing Mixo progress over time and hopefully become a widely used tool. I'll keep playing with it and giving feedback as I go.



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