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papastu shared this question 8 months ago

Blank white screens whilst importing songs.

Mixo 0.19

MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6

MAcBook Pro Early 2011

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How many tracks are you importing at once? It's possible given the specifications of your Mac that it may only be able to handle a lower amount.

If you could try importing tracks in blocks starting from 10, then 50, 100, 250, 500 etc, this may help determine the maximum for your machine.

We are working on improving the import process and a way to give users the ability to set limits on CPU and RAM usage which should help in these situations.

Let me know how the importing goes.


Hi Jon

Trying to import 20 songs

Processor 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7

Ram 8 GB

I'll try and import 10 tracks and let you know.


In that case, it would help us to have your import logs, these are located in the folder Music > MIXO > Logs. If there aren't any there, please turn on logs in Settings > General > Tools > Enable Logs. Once done, import again until you get a whitescreen and send us the logs that MIXO outputs.

We have found recently that long tracks (1 hour+) or tracks with large artwork can cause this issue - which is something we are working on for the next release - do any of your tracks fit into either of these categories?



I have attached logs as requested. Taken from Music > MIXO > Logs.

I am not importing 1 hour + tracks. Artwork could be large but can't be more specific as dragged and dropped from iTunes Music folder.

Do you advise reinstalling MIXO again as am stuck on this white screen loop?


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