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dmack003 shared this question 3 years ago

I was able to upload 2.4k tracks to my dropbox successfully, however there are 22 tracks which are just not uploading for some reason.

They continue to try to upload each time I launch Mixo as well, and still return the same error - "Cloud Storage is Full". I first saw the error when uploading about 2k tracks, and when I clicked OK it just skipped the tracks and continued uploading the remainder.

These are all .flac files and spread across different folders on my laptop. I am able to play the songs in other apps as well as Mixo.

Just a bit curious as to why this is showing up. My dropbox account has 2TB storage and space is not the issue :)

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Thanks for the feedback!

I have a few questions that should help us understand what went wrong:

- To clarify, was it just the tracks that didn't upload that were .flac files - or is every file you have .flac?

- Have you tried removing those specific tracks from MIXO and re-adding them again? Did the same messages appear?

- What size are these 22 tracks? Are they all over 100mb for example?

Please could you send us one of the tracks and any logs you have in Music > MIXO > Logs - if there aren't any, turn on logs in Settings > General and reimport again to generate some.

Thanks dmack!

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