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hi guys i have noticed that when using multi threading task's it's still very slow its taking on average a day to load a folder once its over 10,000 tracks,also when importing a folder such a dance it atomatically imports every folder cantaining the word dance which is ok .....if it imports the seperate folders and tracks contained in side,but it doesnt it imports all dance folders but put the same track's in each folder so you end up with loads of duplicates in each folder........there must be a more intelligent way.........otherwise the program is fantastic and i cant wait till it runs properly.....good luck guys

i9 processor

32ddr4 ram

2tb ssd

6gb graphics card........

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Hi John, thanks for testing!

Firstly, make sure you are using the latest version (v0.16), update in-app or download here.

How is your Music library structured? I'm assuming that you are importing via 'Tracks' in this case rather than through iTunes or a collection file.


helo jon,,,,

i am importng a folder that contains albums all in mp3 format 320......and i am using v0.16 its great but its still very slow mate......i have over 80'000 tracks all in album's and all in genre such as 1960's 1970's 1980's 1990's 2000's dance ,pop ,reggae,soul,etc etc......each folder contains the albums of different artists .......the program works fantastically when i first start ......but by the time it gets to 10,000 tracks its slows down so slow........also as said before if i import dance folder it automatically imports every file containing the word dance and duplicates everyone.......i hope i have made it a better description of what is i said if i just import one folder at a time its fantastic and quick but anything more than one folder its slow......


In terms of the large database import slowdown - we are working on improving this all the time and are aware of a memory issue that is most likely the main cause of this:

I've subscribed you to that idea so you'll be updated when we have a fix.

If a folder is imported multiple times, the playlist that is created will be duplicated but the tracks themselves shouldn't be unless there are duplicates in those folders already.

MIXO won't look for any specific text and try to import all files matching that name. Could you send a couple of screenshots of what you are importing, and what MIXO then shows?


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