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Amidst all the bugs that you have (expected as you are currently in beta so completely understandable), I wanted to post a kudos topic on creating this.

Using traktor, file management is a huge pain in the you know what. iTunes is garbage, beatport pro is dead and there wasnt many other decent options.

So thank you! I was relieved to see a new option and after installing it and taking a gander, this is totally usable once you get some of the performance items knocked out.


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Thanks so much!

We agree and it seems to us that much of the industry is moving towards streaming and closed systems - which leaves little room for music you own, use and need to be able to organize and move around!

It is very much in beta so any feedback you have about bugs you've encountered or UI suggestions / improvements would be really helpful. Our focus really is on the community so we can make this the best solution possible.

Here's our roadmap, if there's anything there you would want prioritized, upvotes help us see what we should be focusing on and if you notice something is missing add a new idea. Or just ask in the forums or here and I can get back to you too.

We're a small team so thanks again for the kind words, it's really appreciated!

Happy beta-testing!

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