Serato Overview

Serato is an industry standard and holds its position as the most popular software globally, spanning across multiple genres of music. With pioneer being the most common brand of DJ controllers, Serato has become commonplace through its provision with the purchase of any pioneer decks. It has earned a reputation as being a reliable software supporting over 90 pieces of hardware used across the DJ scene, making it the software centrepiece for artists such as DJ Jazzy Jeff and Hudson Mohawke.

With Serato DJ Pro, you can get immediate access to the newest tracks posted on SoundCloud and TIDAL, streaming them in high quality 256kbps or 320kbps. Similar to Rekordbox, a number of expansion packs are available for purchase through Serato, including Serato Flip to create and save custom edits of tracks, and Serato DVS for added control of CD and Vinyl hardware.

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