Issue with Cues for Rekordbox

Hein Soe shared this question 5 months ago

Hi Jon,

I found out that HOT CUEs shows up when I export the playlist from Rekordbox to USB stick.

I can only edit the HOT CUEs after export to USB stick

It solved my problem with MIXO

I manage all my files in Serato because Serato keep the meta data and HOT CUEs in the .aif files

I only export RB USB when my gigs venues only have Pioneer, mostly i request Denon DJ

I don't need to edit anything on Rekordbox, I export to USB straight away, no more problem for me with MIXO

And those who keep their collection in MIXO won't have problem too because they would export straight to RB USB like me

But those who are changing their entire collection might have a bit of a problem when HOT CUEs don't show up until they export files to USB

Any how, I have no more problem with MIXO

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