Why should I use MIXO over the Rekordbox 6 app?

Below is a comparison table for the features that MIXO includes as a complete music library platform across multiple devices compared with the Rekordbox 6 subscription plans.

MIXO RB6 App Creative RB6 App Professional
Cost p/m $7 £14.99 £29.99
Number of connected devices Unlimited 4 8
Steps to Sync Music to Cloud 4 8 8
Google Drive*
Dropbox* **
Import From Rekordbox 5
Import From Rekordbox 6
Import From Serato
Import From Traktor
Import From VirtualDJ
Export To Rekordbox 5
Export To Rekordbox 6
Export To Serato
Export To Traktor
Export To VirtualDJ
In-app Cloud Setup
Music management
Mobile Library Sync
Cloud Library Sync
Streaming support
Collection Auto Upload
Desktop Dropbox Required
Cloud plan
Send files over WiFi
Vocal position detection and display***

* Any size Dropbox or Google Drive account

** RB app forces Dropbox unlimited account

*** (RB app) To use Vocal Position Detection, you'll need an AVX compatible CPU.

Interestingly, setting up MIXO:SYNC takes a maximum of 4 steps, whereas Rekordbox 6 has a minimum of 8! To see just how easy MIXO makes syncing across devices, here's a quick video.

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