Where are Downloaded Tracks in MIXO Stored?

When syncing to your cloud storage, you have the option to download the tracks in a playlist to a second device.

As of MIXO v1.11, it is now possible to change the download location on desktop. You can do this via Settings/Advanced.

The default locations for downloaded tracks are as follows:

Device Storage\Android\data\com.mixo.app\MIXO\Music

The path for iOS is hidden by the operating system

Windows 10/11:
C:\Users\[YOUR USER]\Music\MIXO\Music⁩ (editable in Advanced)

Macintosh HD⁩/Users/[YOUR USER]/Music/MIXO⁩ (editable in Advanced)

home/[YOUR USER]/music/MIXO/Music⁩ (editable in Advanced)

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