Traktor Overview

Traktor DJ 2 is free to download and comes with SoundCloud Go+ giving you instant access to millions of tracks and Traktor song recommendations advising you on which song to play next. The sync mode keeps tracks in time, allowing you to jump around using hotcues without the risk of losing your rhythmt. 

Once the software has been mastered you can upgrade to Traktor Pro for access to a range of extended features and effects. Traktor DJ 2 is also available as an iPad app meaning you can practice on-the-go with just your tablet and some headphones.

Native Instruments are key providers of music production hardware, launching products such as Komplete Control MIDI keyboards and the Maschine range. This could make Traktor DJ an ideal software for producers, as it provides a sense of familiarity from your home studio and can be integrated with any Native Instruments hardware.

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