The monthly subscription for MIXO:GOLD is $7 USD + local taxes

We accept all major credit cards including VISA, Mastercard & American Express.

To update your MIXO:GOLD payment method, please visit:

Purchase currency

Our payment provider will convert USD to your local currency when a payment is made.
(using mid-market rates)

Guide prices for currency conversion on our website will be estimates based on conversion rates for that day and may not match the payment provider exactly.

Users with an active VPN should make sure your VPN country matches your billing country during sign up to avoid paying the wrong local area tax rates.

Local taxes

We calculate local sales tax based on your location. If sales tax is due in your country or state then this will be shown on the checkout page before your purchase.

Local sales taxes, VAT, IVA, GST & Digital Taxes vary depending on your location and local tax laws. Our checkout page will calculate if there is any sales tax due.


The full amount of your purchase, plus any tax, is shown on your MIXO:GOLD invoices.

You can view your invoice and transaction history by logging in to your MIXO account at and you can also opt-in to have monthly invoices emailed to you.

Tax-exempt purchasing

Some buyers may be exempt from paying tax. This is dependent on your local tax laws for purchasing software services. We will calculate tax automatically based on your local tax laws.

European Union

For tax-exempt purchases in the EU, just enter your Tax Number in the box provided on the billing details page.

Contact MIXO

If you want assistance with your tax, invoices or wish to discuss your account contact us on

Refund Policy

Payments are final and cannot be refunded once processed. There is no contract and you can cancel at any time.

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