Duplicate Track Finder

This is a simple duplicate checker that compares the duration, titles and artist (v1.26).

A useful tool for clearing out duplicates. It's not as thorough as some tools on the market that compare audio signatures, which can be time-consuming and heavy on CPU, but it's fast and works well in most cases.

When importing tracks, MIXO checks for duplicates based on filePath. However, over time tracks may get copied to other folders, or you may have duplicates of the same track in different formats.

The MIXO Duplicate Finder is a simple tool that looks for tracks with the same duration where the track titles begin the same and have a partial match for artist (v1.26). It works on different file types and displays the number cues each track has, including how many playlists the track appears in.

For example, the following tracks would show as a match:

- Feel the heat.MP3 (3:57)
- Feel the heat (Ft. DZ).AIFF (3.57)

How it works

1. Duplicate tracks are displayed in sorted groups. By default, the first track in each group is selected to 'keep'. Before running the scan, you can select the sort order for each set of duplicates.

2. Click "Check for Duplicates". This process is very fast (depending on how many matches there are) and will display results in a matter of seconds, even for several thousand tracks.

3. The first track in each set of duplicates is selected to keep by default. We recommend you double check the duplicates before deleting any tracks, just in case the match isn't quite right.

4. To remove the unchecked duplicates, click "Delete Duplicates" and wait for the process to finish. The track selected to keep will be used to replace playlists tracks for any removed duplicates. On desktop, you also have the option of deleting the tracks from your Hard Drive.

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